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Breastfeeding - ComfortGel Pads - Price: $22.50


Breastfeeding - ComfortGel Pads (1 pair 2.5 in. Pads)

Up to 96% of breastfeeding mothers experience some degree of nipple pain. ComfortGel hydrogel pads provide cool, soothing relief for sore, tender nipples. They absorb excess milk, reducing the risk for maceration (which is when your skin turns white and wrinkled after a long bath).
The ComfortGel hydrogel pads also provide extra cushioning and protection from clothing friction as they fit discreetly and securely inside a nursing bra.
Each ComfortGel hydrogel pad can be used for up to six days. However, it may need to be changed more often. We recommend that you rinse (not soak) the pads with warm water after each use to help get rid of any residual leakage left behind. When the pad becomes milky or cloudy, then it is time to change the pad.
If you experience excessive leaking during the day or overnight; use another nursing pad over top of the ComfortGel Pad to protect garments.

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