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Shaving Products

BioElements - Perfect Shave - Price: $17.50


BioElements - Perfect Shave (4 Fl. oz / 118 ml)

Maximum comfort shaving creme.
Power-packed with skin saving ingredients that reduce the risk of razor burn and irritation.
Leaves skin feeling comfortable and smooth.

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BioElements - Pre-Shave Cleanser - Price: $18.75


BioElements - Pre-Shave Cleanser (3 Fl oz / 88 ml)

Preps the skin for shaving.
Contains jojoba-filled grains to scruff-away dead flakes.
Lifts-off dirt, grime and excess oil.

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ClearShave - ClearShave - Price: $14.95


ClearShave - ClearShave (3 oz.)

Now you can prevent razor bumps and razor rash without using products that sting, burn, peel or leave an unpleasant lingering odor. ClearShave is an innovative new product developed exclusively by doctors that effectively treats and prevents the problem of razor bumps and rashes. Previously available only by a physician's prescription, ClearShave is now available without a visit to your doctor's office.

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Glytone - Serious Shave Cream - Price: $26.00


Glytone - Serious Shave Cream (170 gm. / 5.9 oz.)

Provides protection and lubrication during shaving for tough beard and/or problem skin. Serious Shave Cream 13 delivers a clean, close shave as it softens and conditions the skin. Helps to reduce or eliminate razor bumps. The product has a pH of 3.4 and free glycolic acid percentage of 9.8%.

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Peter Thomas Roth - 21st Century Shave Cream - Price: $21.00


Peter Thomas Roth - 21st Century Shave Cream (8 oz. / 232g)

Now MORE product for the same low price. 1oz more in each jar.
Cutting edge 21st century technology delivers this unique, rich, velvety shaving cream that is formulated with skin-smoothing moisturizers that form a silky, protective barrier allowing a closer, more comfortable shave without irritation. Softens and lifts the beard off the skin while allowing the razor to glide effortlessly over the skin, avoiding nicks and cuts and delivering the cleansest, closest shave possible. Leaves the skin exceptionally smooth. Reduces the red bumps and irritation associated with shaving especially on the regions of the neck and chin area known as pseudofolliculitis.

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Skin Care Technologies - PFB Vanish - Price: $19.00


Skin Care Technologies - PFB Vanish (4 oz)

This unique, cosmetically elegant roll-on gel was formulated to aid in the relief of ingrown hairs, razor burn / bumps resulting from shaving, waxing, electrolysis, and laser hair removal. PFB Vanish exfoliates skin cells to lift ingrown hairs above the skin line. This product also reduces swelling and redness due to irritation. It can be used under arms, on legs, arms, neck, anywhere ingrown hairs are a problem.

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